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Cabernet Sauvignon

Focused on blending wine from Napa Valley’s most premium fruit, this wine embodies the complexity of Napa Valley, while offering a harmonious balance between fruit, oak, and tannins. Cooler nights and slowly rising daytime temperatures assist the fruit in slowly ripening, allowing it to maintain a well-balanced, refined tannic structure and acidity. With multiple layers of concentrated flavors, blackberry preserves, prune and notions of warm cassis, this Cabernet truly delivers a bold, yet elegant mouthfeel.


Our Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel offers bright notes of cherry, black licorice, chocolate, and sweet baking spices. Close to the coast, the composition of this AVA’s unique characteristics is unparalleled. An extraordinary wine from start to finish, these small production wines offer a beautifully balanced, silky smooth tannic structure that will leave you yearning for more.


Delight in the perfect summer sipper! This semi-dry, aromatic wine offers classic strawberry and watermelon notes that meet the palate with a long and soft finish. High in elevation and surrounded by volcanic soils, the composition of Lake County’s AVA help influence the bright acidity and fruitful tones of this medium body Rose.

DC Syrah

This Syrah offers a toasty full-bodied complexity of ripened dark fruits with hints of licorice and black currant while maintaining a pleasing tannic structure and defined finish. 

DC Red Blend

This amazing combination of wines is a reflection of the California north coast, from its flat valley, to its high elevation of over 3,000 ft. Parading the pallet with a delectible mixture jammy fruits & berries alongside gorgeous aromas and a silky coating shield after every sip. This medium bold red blend, promises soft tannins, hints of smoky caramel and baking spices. This blend's dark, concentrated color brings a harmonious balance, texture, and complexity to enjoy with friends and the universe itself.

DC Cabernet Sauvignon

From the red hills of Kelseyville, this densely rich wine is grown on hillsides known for their landscape diffused with obsidian and volcanic minerals, creating flavors of delicious black fruits, dark chocolate, and hints of minty native herbs. All of these contribute to a smooth and firm composition of complimentary tannins. Aging in new French barrels for 2 years has rounded it to perfection today.

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